Weight Loss Success – Month 1

Its been just over a month and I have had tremendous weight loss success using ThinMagic Ultra.  This is the super potent, fast acting weight management pill from American Dream Nutrition.

My Weight Loss Success Story

My personal weight loss success story is not complete.  You could call this phase one. Phase 2 will be dropping my weight down to the 165 lb range and losing the rest of my bellyfat! I want to do this before our families trip to Puerto Nuevo in July, 2012.


Simply Taking ThinMagic Ultra leads to Weight Loss Success

I will just state that I am simply taking 1 pill per day of the ThinMagic Ultra and that is it!  NO Exercising, NO forced starving… I am not even focusing on working out or dieting. So it is very easy to have weight loss success by taking ThinMagic Ultra.  Also, ThinMagic Ultra will improve your mood and increase your energy thoughout the entire day… you really feel good all the time!

Please tour my site to learn more about our fabulous opportunity and product lineup, PLUS …  learn how you can get one month of ThinMagic Ultra for FREE!!!

weight loss success

ADN has all the Ingredients of a Good Business Opportunity!

Why American Dream Nutrition is More than just a Good Business Opportunity…

I am so stoked about American Dream Nutrition and the sincere focus they have on helping their distributors have success!  If you are new to network marketing or the home based business industry, this company appears to have your back.  There are many reasons why this is more than just a good business opportunityAmerican Dream Nutrition sets  itself apart from the thousands of other companies in the mlm health and wellness industry because of the following…

A Unique (30 Day Supply)  Free  Bottle Offer Marketing System for American Dream’s flagship product “ThinMagic Ultra”… The pill that was put in the gift bags at the EMMYS!

A PHENOMINAL Weight Loss Product – ThinMagic Ultra

good business opportunity

Click Me to Lose Weight NOW!

Just try it and PROVE ME WRONG! 

I cannot believe how good I feel in addition to the control it gives me with appetite suppression. You can lose weight without having to kill yourself exercising! I lost 9  lbs my first week without even trying! Plus, there are currently 2 other excellent products …

Clear Heart – for the vascular system and Juice Plus – a 107 Organic & Natural ingredients and nutrients and super whole foods.

A SIMPLE to DUPLICATE Prospecting and Promotion System

Distributors can confidently tell people that  FreeMagic Ultra is BETTER THAN FREE!!! Why is this, you ask?  Because, you will SAVE HUNDREDS per month in Grocery Costs from food that you won’t have the cravings for and that you don’t need! Processed foods like  cookies, chips, and all the junk you snack on after dinner will be eliminated because of the powerful appetite suppressing ingredients in ThinMagic Ultra.  My upline mentioned that he is able to save over $400 per month in food costs because he is eating less processsed foods and his meals are nearly cut in half.  I have noticed this also!

A More than Good Business Opportunity – A Great “First Ever” Pay Plan

American Dream Nutrition features a very simple, fair and powerful compensation plan.  ADN has developed a genius, first ever, 2 x Infinity fast start bonus system with a 2x 15 matrix with compression. There are no silly matching bonuses that dilute the pay plan (these tend to make the company and top reps rich while the field suffers).  Also, this is not a binary , so you do not need to worry about balanced legs or getting paid on your weaker leg.  You make residual money in this matrix based on the total volume in your 2 by matrix even if you have 10, 000  in one leg and none in the other.

American Dream Nutrition is Committed to Introducing More Cutting Edge Health Products in the Near Future! This is more than just a Good Business Opportunity… it is a One of a Kind Far Superior Opportunity that is Designed for the Masses to Succeed!!!

Please Checkout The American Dream Business in More Detail By Clicking Here!

good business opportunity

To your success!

good business opportunity

Get Thin Fast

Now you can get thin fast and make money with American Dream Nutrition’s #1 rated diet pill, Thin Magic Ultra!

Are you tire of having to workout until the point of exhaustion or injury, just to erase the calories from overeating everyday?  Perhaps you are like me, a compulsive over-eater who  always gets hungry in the evenings.  I probably could get thin fast if I did not have a horses appetite after eating dinner!!

get thin fast

Get Thin Fast by Curbing the Appetite

Thin Magic Ultra has made losing weight a lot less stressful because of it’s ability to curb my appetite.  Although there are many great features of Thin Magic Ultra (such as energy booster, mood enhancer and detoxifier)… the ability to curb my appetite is #1.  Without even consciously knowing it, I eat way less on a daily basis.  In fact, my plate at dinner is about half the size as normal… and I know that alone will help me get thin fast!

Get Thin Fast… My Results

As far as numbers… I have lost 9 lbs in just over 2 weeks… and the great part is I have not even been exercising daily.  I just take one pill every day in the early afternoon. My pants are fitting a lot looser around the waste and my bodyfat has dropped 2%.

 Create an Extra Income as you Get Thin Fast

You can also make great money in American Dream Nutrition’s 2xInfinity coded pay plan as you progress to get thin fast. Referring others comes almost naturally as people will ask “Are you losing weight?” OR “You look great”. Also, because the pay plan is a 2 wide matrix build (not a binary!), there is a lot more spillover than other systems.  I had 13 people in my downline in the first week.  For more info see my blogpost:  “Is American Dream Nutrition the Ideal Mlm Weight Loss Opportunity?”

As if this all was not enough,  the company has put into play a GENIUS marketing free bottle offer system that  makes it easier to recruit others and is simple to duplicate! How much simpler does it get than to offer your friends a Free (30 day supply) Bottle of the #1 rated diet pill that you are losing weight on?! You can really help others get thin fast with this affordable easy to share program! The monthly auto-ship cost for Thin Magic Ultra is only $39! … Talk about a program that is built for the masses to succeed!

This video explains in more detail…

To get more details about this product and business opportunity visit FREEBOTTLEOFFER.COM

Join Me and let’s Get Thin Fast!

get thin fast

American Dream Nutrition – Thin Magic Ultra

Thin Magic Ultra- the New Miracle Weight Loss Pill

Yes… soon you will be able to get this product for FREE!American Dream Nutrition Thin Magic Ultra

One month bottles of Thin Magic Ultra will be flying off the shelves when the company launches its free bottle marketing system in the next few days…

  • Earn up to $63,000 without sponsoring anyone!
  • Free Position in the 2x infinity matrix!
  • Free Website!
  • Free Training and Support!

Plus more…

Just imagine how simple it will be to sponsor people by offering them one month of our Thin Magic Ultra weight loss supplement for free!

Especially if you used it and shared your weight loss results!

Go Here and Get Positioned Ahead of the Crowd!
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Do You Need To Lose Weight?

The SECRET is Out!… Thin Magic Ultra to the Rescue!

If you need to lose weight I have great news!  The answer is in a SUPER effective weight loss pill called Thin Magic Ultra by American Dream Nutrition. A new marketing system is officially launching next week and 25,000 bottles will be given out as free monthly samples!
you need to lose weightYou can actually get your first months product free!


If You Need to Lose Weight, So Do Others!

In addition, even though you think you need to lose weight, you could even make money by sharing your success and offering free product samples to others!!! In other words, success in this biz-op can be as simple as giving out free 1 month offers of the product. Once these people see results they will easily purchase more.  The monthly product auto-ship cost for distributors is only $39… so this is very affordable and in fact can end up always being free if you decide to build your own home based business with American Dream Nutrition.

Here’s just a few of the testimonials of success from using Thin Magic Ultra…

“In just 2 weeks on the Magic product I’ve lost 10 lbs plus 2 inches off my waist. I had NO Cravings at all and experienced A lot of Energy all day long. One Capsule Magic a day in the morning has done the magic for me. I’m feeling amazing, and saved money buying less food. I’m still taking my FEEL GOOD Pill to maintain my Weight, Live-Style.and Happiness.”
—Chris Agnes -Montana

“Recently back from a 15 day vacation in Hawaii, I was living it up on a cruise and I ate a bit too much and put on 6 lbs. While it might not seem like much-for me it is. After just 1 week on ThinMagic Ultra, it was G-O-N-E. What a great product, not to mention the income potential is fantastic!! — In Success
— Carl Ramallo, FL

“At 45 with 3 kids ages 17, 12, & 5, they really keep us going. Thanks to the Magic product I am able to keep up & feel good too! This is a great product for energy and fitness. There is never a dull moment in my life, thank you for The Magic.” — Lori Phillips

“I’ve tried just about every product out there, nothing compares to ThinMagic Ultra. With the Magic product I’m actually saving money because I’m eating way less than I used to. ThinMagic is convenient and affordable, it is an awesome new product. The savings make this product free for me. I Love it!” — Steve Dixon – OK P.S. 22 lbs. in 29 days

If You Need to Lose Weight… Thin Magic Ultra is the Answer!

So if you need to lose weight, needless to say this product flat out works. If you are tired of endlessly working out and need help speeding up your weight loss progress… I suggest you get Thin Magic Ultra.

For more details on how to get a free (30 day supply) of the product, visit FREEBOTTLEOFFER.COM

Also, if you act now you can get a founders position for as little as $39 in the  first ever 2xinfinity pay plan… where you can create several thousands up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in income per month. Just click here to get more information!

you need to lose weight

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